Serious Error in the Sharp PC-1500 Technical Reference Manual

There’s an error in all of the the Sharp PC-1500 Technical Reference Manual versions I have come across so far: in the pinout of the 60-pin connector a pin is documented as being VBAT instead of F-GND. Your Sharp PC-1500 can be ‘killed’ if you short VBAT (Battery Voltage) to F-GND (Frame Ground).

If you look at the traces (here: taken from the Radio Shack PC2 Technical Reference Manual) you can see that pin 44 is connected to F-GND instead of VBAT. It is easy to verify this with a multimeter in continuity mode.

I have to admit that I also came across this ‘by accident’… so keep in mind to verify the documentation whenever possible. The corrected version of the 60-pin connector pinout should look like this:

2 thoughts on “Serious Error in the Sharp PC-1500 Technical Reference Manual

    • Interesting, I’ve so far never seen the Japanese version of the TRM. But it does not surprise me that it contains the same error in the pinout as it probably is the source of all other manuals (or at least the English one from which the German one was derived).

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