STM32F411+STM32F072 Development Boards – My newest toys…

I’m currently trying out a lot of new software and hardware. My next project will not only be designed with KiCad instead of Eagle CAD for EDA. Its basis will be an ARM microcontroller (probably a STM32F103) instead of an Atmel AVR.

For this I’ve got my hands on two STM32 development boards, the STM32F072RBT6 Nucleo and the STM32F411RET6 Nucleo from ST:

STM32F072 STM32F411

I’ve already set-up a respective GNU/ARM toolchain (with Eclipse as an IDE) and OpenOCD for programming and debugging. The typical “Hello World” LED blinkie code was working within less than half an hour… Nice. 🙂 So no comes the real work…

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    1. Hi Jim, I’ve started an STM32 based design in Kicad but got stuck due to other projects / other ideas. 🙁 — Kai

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