Dissecting an EasyBox 602

Some time ago I got a Vodafone EasyBox 602 router into my hands (16,- € incl. shipping) and thought about playing around a bit with this hardware and trying to get OpenWRT running on it.

EasyBox 602 - Complete Package

Opening the case is a bit tricky but can be done with a set of plectra. (They are perfect for this task.)EasyBox 602 - Non-destructive Opening

I’ve added two fotos of the pcb inside the case and the position of the plastic hinges.EasyBox 602 - Case 2 EasyBox 602 - Case 1

Inside you will find an already assembled connector for the serial interface. I played around a bit and identified the RxD and TxD pins. I attaced wires to the them and for convenience added an external access to the pins.EasyBox 602 Serial Interface EasyBox 602 External Serial Interface

I’m still playing around with the installed boot loader and firmware but so far I can confirm the following layout of the the rom image:

Area Address Length
Boot 0xB0000000 128K
Configuration 0xB0020000 256K
None 0xB0060000 64K
Special Area 0xB0070000 64K
Primary Setting 0xB0080000 64K
Code Image 0 0xB0090000 3776K
Code Image 1 0xB0440000 3776K
Boot Params 0xB07F0000 64K
Flash Image 0xB0000000 8192K

I’m soon going to add some links to (discontinued) analyses of others on this router. So far it looks like OpenWRT (as an example for an alternative firmware) cannot be installed, but let’s see…