Raspberry Pi Power Supply: Nokia AC-10 + AC-16 [Review]

The Raspberry Pi is shipped without a power supply — there is not even one specifically available for this board as far as I know. Any micro USB power supply with a least 700 mA should work. But I did not want to rely on no-name products since the board should run continuously and the web is full of reports of counterfeits. So I’m currently using a Nokia AC-16E power supply, bought directly from Amazon (not on the Marketplace). Additionally, I bought a Nokia AC-10E (more or less for free, as their combination allowed free shipping). Based on the way the two Nokia supplies were packed and labelled (including safety marks and QR-Codes) I believe they should be genuine.

From left to right: OTB TR-005, Nokia AC-10E, Nokia AC-16E.

I tested the Nokia supplies and another (cheap/crappy?) one from OTB I already had lying around. Update: As requested in a comment, I have also added measurements of the on-board voltage between TP1 and TP2 (more information about these pins can be found here).

Power Supply Price (ca.) Output Voltage On-board Voltage
On-board Voltage
(attached devices)
OTB TR-005 3.- € 5 V / 1,000 mA 4.90 V 4.78 V
Nokia AC-10E 7.- € 5 V / 1,200 mA 4.88 V 4.82 V
Nokia AC-16E 13.- € 5 V / 1,000 mA 4.75 V 4.66 V

All three of them were able to support the Raspberry Pi board with several connected USB devices (passive hub, keyboard, mouse, wireless adapter) and a connected monitor (HDMI). There wasn’t much difference between them, all three ‘consumed’ about 3.8 W (6.7 VA) on average (1 hour; varying workload) and I did not notice any glitches. Still, a power drop was noticable when comparing the on-board voltage with and without any attached devices (sd-card only).

With the Nokia AC-16E power supply, the voltage dropped below the recommended 4.75 V.

In conclusion: I think I will stick to the Nokia AC-16E, as I’m currently running my Raspberry Pi only with an attached wireless usb adapter. If I notice any glitches, I can still switch over to the Nokia AC-10E power supply. Something that looks beautiful is not necessarily always better… *sigh*

Update [2014-11]: I’ve in the mean time switched to the Nokia AC-10E supply which seems to be more stable. Also I am running a second Raspberry Pi B+ now with a 2 A power supply.