256k Memory Module for the Sharp PC-1600

Two months ago I was contacted by Tom who asked me for one of my Cartridge Breakout Boards. He wanted to build a 256k memory module for his Sharp PC-1600. Well, I was happy to provide him one of the boards for free and two weeks ago he informed me that he succeeded in building an expansion module:

256k Module 1

He kindly offered me one of his modules. 🙂 I still have to take advantage of the ‘enormous’ amount of memory my Sharp PC-1600 now has. So far I’ve done a bit of testing and the results are pretty impressing:

256k Module 2

Thanks again, Tom, for sharing this with me.

Update: For my French friends out there – there is actually a thread (Extensions mémoire 256KB…heu non… 512KB) with more details on the cartridge mentioned above.

8 thoughts on “256k Memory Module for the Sharp PC-1600

  1. Very nice ! I whish I have one… Do you think it’s possible ? What about current drain and battery lasting ? I have a 32 Kb ramcard (one with no button cell inside) into a PC 500 E that eats computer’s batteries very very fast. Sorry for my english but I’m from France…

    • Hi Philippe, I’ve added a link to a (French) thread on the respective card. Maybe it helps you to get one of these cards… — Kai

  2. Thank you for the link… I already found it few days before and someone write at the end of messages there is no more module left because everything has been sold.
    Maybe you know something I try to find about how (where) to weld piezo on pcb to let a PC 850 G make bips ?
    It’s such a good computer but no sound…
    Best regards from France, Philippe

  3. OK I’ve found how to make it “bip” : pin 3 and pin 7 on left connector.
    Now : how to get a 256 Kb ramcard ?

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