Atmel ATtiny ISP and Serial High Voltage Programmer (Preview)

Two years ago I made a rather simple circuit board to be able to program Atmel ATtiny microcontrollers with an Arduino board as ISP. I shared my excessive PCBs and made the design open source. The design has proven to be pretty successful, and I was asked multiple times to make a more flexible follow-up version. So I recently started to design the revision 2.0 which should combine ISP and HVSP/HVPP features.ATtiny ISP HVP Shield Rev2 Beta1

This is a preview (i.e. the design is still buggy) but the final goal is to support the default “Arduino as ISP” option as well as HVSP/HVPP programming modes. The new feature can be useful to recover ATtiny (and ATMega) controllers with incorrect (broken) fusebits settings.

6 thoughts on “Atmel ATtiny ISP and Serial High Voltage Programmer (Preview)

  1. Hi Kai, sounds really good. I found the “old” version and thought about producing in for myself (btw. where are you producing your PCBs?), but the new version looks great. when it is finished will it available to order?

  2. Hi Kai. This board looks awesome, im waiting for order it. Is it ready now? We’re greatful for this contributions. Thanks you and keep it up!!

  3. Hi Kai. First of all, thanks for all shared knowledge, me and many people are grateful for this forum. I’m thinking about this shield and idk if is finish because i’m searching on interner and dont found anything like this. Would be awesome if you can share your diagram or PCB or schema. Thank you again and Keep it up!

  4. Hi Kal Have you finished thayt project ? if yes, where can i found the software and the hardware ? Thanks a lot.

    • Hi, no, the project was unfortunately never finished as a few design flaws emerged – and other topics became more important, as usual. 😉

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