A Smart Home for Birds – Sort of

You’ve probably already seen ‘Smart Nesting Boxes’ for birds with cameras in it – but you’ve probably never seen one with a full weather station on top of it…

Bird Box under a Weather Station

A few weeks ago I wanted to test a weather station I purchased as defective. I needed an easily accessible place to test it before mounting it on the roof of my garden house. So as a quick hack I installed it on the pole of one of the nesting boxes in our garden. First tests showed no issues, but I wanted to test it for a few more days. Well… a few days later I noticed a pair of blue tits moved into the box. Bad luck for me as I now have to wait after their breeding (about 4 more weeks) to remove the station. But the good news is: the station works so far without flaws and the birds don’t seem to care about the moving parts above them. 😀

LED Grow Light Station for Chilis and Tomatos

Days are getting longer, and in the afternoons the temperature rises above 10°C… but if I’ve learned a lesson the last two years then that growing chilis and tomatos in our living room (although located on the south side of our house) is still far from enough for these seedlings…

So I’ve taken a few hours and built an LED grow light station for them. 😀

Two LED panels (bought on Amazon for ~ 23 € each, hanging above two tubs with seedlings.
These photos show the seedlings two weeks after sowing the tomato and chili seeds.

PONG… I’m online and answering again…

I did not post anything for quite a while… we bought a house and moved into it. This consumed most of my spare time and my ‘hacking capabilities’ during the last few months. But the good news is: I’ve now got a whole room in the cellar which I’m currently turning into a hacker lair / electronics shop without having to care too much about the the WAF.

I just just returned from a business trip to the US and wanted to ‘report back’ with a nightly impression of New York / Manhattan. (Please forgive the low quality as the photo was taken with my smartphone from the airplane window.)

RANT: Do not misuse spreadsheets for data storage

Using spreadsheet files for data storage and exchange can lead to the
corruption and even loss of information — sometimes without noticing it immediately. I came across this one too often so I could not help but write a rather long post about this topic.

Sharing datasets with other researchers or collaboration partners is a vital part of the knowledge exchange in a community. This might happen in big scale in form of supplementary material along with publications or in small scale within research groups. In this post I do not want to focus on what is actually shared, but how. Because a crucial but commonly underestimated element when sharing datasets with others is the used data format. Continue reading