Osram LED lamp [FAIL]

About two years ago we started switching from compact fluorescent lamps to LED lamps, mainly to avoid the mercury in the former ones. Also the longer lifespan of LEDs was a reason for us to switch. We currently have two types in our household: several cheap ones from Müller Licht (ALDI) and a bit more expensive ones from OSRAM. Guess which ones failed first…

Defective OSRAM Led LampThe stated 100,000 on/off cycles or 25,000 hours of run-time (at least that’s what I remember from their package) were definitely not reached. Far from it.

OSRAM gives a 4-year guarantee as far as I understood from reading their website. But to be honest: who keeps a bill for a lamp bought with other purchases two years ago? At least I did not… Sigh. 🙁

One thought on “Osram LED lamp [FAIL]

  1. I know this is coming two years later, but 2 of my 4 OSRAM bulbs (same model as you picture) failed as well! What a scam.

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