Started to grow my own Arabidopsis thaliana (Columbia-0) plants, just for fun. Or maybe a bit out of curiousity as I’m working with its genome sequence datasets… The following fotos were taken about 2 months after sowing…

I did not apply any special treatment, just used simple flower soil with about 20% perlite content and watered them every now and then. For the macro pictures of the blooms I used an adapter (retroadapter) to reversely attach a lens to my camera.

Home-grown Arabidopsis thaliana

3 thoughts on “Home-grown Arabidopsis thaliana

  1. Hello. I have seen you grow Arabidopsis. I’m growing Arabidopsis (Columbia-0) with two light bulb of 6400K (white light), and one light bulb of 2700K (red light). I’m getting thin stem and no siliques. What light did you use for your plants?
    Thanks a lot

    • Hi Ivano, fortunately I was able to grow the plants under sunlight on my windowsill (south-western side). I’m actually not sure what lighting conditions are used in my work (I’m not a wet lab guy). — Kai

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