PONG… I’m online and answering again…

I did not post anything for quite a while… we bought a house and moved into it. This consumed most of my spare time and my ‘hacking capabilities’ during the last few months. But the good news is: I’ve now got a whole room in the cellar which I’m currently turning into a hacker lair / electronics shop without having to care too much about the the WAF.

I just just returned from a business trip to the US and wanted to ‘report back’ with a nightly impression of New York / Manhattan. (Please forgive the low quality as the photo was taken with my smartphone from the airplane window.)

2 thoughts on “PONG… I’m online and answering again…

    • Thanks. I think one of the next projects will be related to two retro computing topics (my hobby): the Sharp PC-1500 (i.e. the LH5801 processor) and the Amiga 500 (I have a few of them, one since I was a kid). Haven’t talked much about the latter… something I should change in the future. 😉 — Kai

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