Sharp PC-1500 Cartridge for debugging

For debugging purposes (and also for playing around with memory chips on a bread board) I’ve created little breakout boards for the cartridge slot on the bottom of Sharp PC-1500s/1600s.

Sharp Debug Cartridge PCBSharp Debug Cartridge insertedI’ve added a layer of foam (not visible on the photo) on the bottom side of the cartridge to prevent the pin ends from scratching on the case.

Typing on the PC while having cables connected to the cartridge is a bit annoying as I tend to pull off the cables when turning the PC around. I’m currently figuring out a better solution by using ribbon cables instead of the pins. I will update the post as soon I’ve managed to make photos of the modified version.


5 thoughts on “Sharp PC-1500 Cartridge for debugging

  1. Hello Kai,

    That’s a real good idea and a good final product.
    May i buy 2 ?

    I’m surprised that you test it on a so rare PC-1500 with serial number beginning by 2000xxxx. It one of the firsts 10000 produced and maybe a A01 ROM version. 😉


    • Well, why shouldn’t I play around with the PC-1500? I’m a computer scientist, not a collector, and think these PCs should not rest in boxes or behind glass… 😉 — Kai

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  3. Hi Mr Bader,
    Are your Sharp PC-1500 breakout boards available for sale please? At what price (and shipping cost to France)?

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