Sharp PC-1500 Interface Card / Breakout Board

Just a little update for all readers interested in Sharp 1500/1600 PCs: for hacking around with the Sharp Pocket Computers I’m using a self-made breakout board that allows easy access to all 60 pins of the interface connector.

Sharp PC-1500 Breakout Board (1)The 60-pin connector is a simple 1.27*2.54 60-pin male header (I’ve bought mine here).

Two LEDs indicate battery or power connection, and on/off state. (In most cases power lights up as soon as the board is attached to a Sharp PC.)

Sharp PC-1500 Breakout Board (2) Sharp PC-1500 Breakout Board PCBs

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    • Hi Eric, they are not for sale. But I have one set (unpopulated cartridge and breakout board) left. I will send it to you in a few days. — Kai

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