Sharp PC 1500/1600 Schematics Collection

To facilitate the access to Sharp Pocket Computer schematics I’ve started to collect and mirror some of them on my web site. This should allow Sharp PC 1500/1600 enthusiasts to update, modify, and especially to repair their hardware.

The Sharp PC 1500/1600 series are obsolete hardware. Their schematics are already freely available on the internet and therefore considered to be in the public domain. Please inform me if you own a copyright on some of this material and do not want it to be available on my web site.

3 thoughts on “Sharp PC 1500/1600 Schematics Collection

  1. Hi ! I’ve got a PC-1600 in excellent condition. I’d like to make a small controll with it via the serial ports. Because of this I need the exact type of its serial connectors to be connected (the male connectors to the outer world): the small rounded one and the other 15-pin connector. Please, help me. There aren’t in the service guide. Thank you for your help. Regards, Joe Kiss.

  2. Hello!

    Any chance to get a dump of the rom used in a ce150?
    That would allow me to build a tape interface for my pc1500….

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