A Smart Home for Birds – Bird Nesting Box with WiFi Camera

This is kind of a follow-up on my post about one of our bird houses becoming a ‘smart home’ last year… well it wasn’t really a smart home, just a bird box with a weather station on top of it. But it looked kind of cool and a pair of blue tits didn’t care about the whirling parts above them.

This spring my kids and I decided to build a bird box with a built-in live camera. A real (hehe) smart home for birds.

Smart Bird Nesting Box with WiFi Camera

We used an ESP32-Cam for the build – probably the fastest way to get our bird box working without too much soldering or programming (source: ESP32-Cam GitHub repository). We also installed a 5 W solar panel on top of it and added a Waveshare solar power manager to keep the ESP32-Cam up and running over night. The whole build was pretty much pieced together and we still have to improve a few things in our design. But hey, it works, at least when the sun shines.

At first, nothing happend…

Weeks passed, and from all the bird boxes we had only one appeared to be unoccupied – guess which one… (yes, the one with the camera.) We were busy with other tasks and had no time to take care of the bird box. Can you image how surprised we were when we noticed a great tit that kept flying into the box.

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