Thinkpad X200s: Sudden appearance of Intel AMT BIOS Messages

Had a strange effect on my Thinkpad lately – since a few days Intel AMT BIOS messages appear occasionally during boot-up:

Intel(R) Management Engine BIOS Extension v4.0.4.0007
Copyright(C) 2003-09 Intel Corporation.  All Rights Reserved.

Intel(R) ME Firmware version
Intel(R) AMT enabled
Intel(R) AMT configuration in progress
Inventory Update

Field Replaceable Unit List:
    Intel(R) AMT Table Valid

Media List:
    Intel(R) AMT Table Valid

    Table Mismatch - Updating Intel(R) AMT [Complete]
    Setting New Table Fingerprint

I had Intel AMT deactivated before and I’m not using the fingerprint sensor. The AMT features seem to activate themselves occasionally in the BIOS so my best guess is that the CMOS battery is dying… Will replace it and see if the strange effect disappears.

Update: I’ve replaced the CMOS battery and so far have not experienced any AMT messages. (Well on the first boot there actually was one telling me that the SMBIOS table was rebuilt.)

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